Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

在u型, we are committed to cultivating a safe community that is diverse, 公平的, 包容, 就. Due to the small size of our student body and staff, it is critical that all members feel a sense of belonging and an opportunity to thrive. Our daily practice is guided by compassion, 护理, 同理心, and respect for each other; everyone at Oxbow is encouraged to act from a generosity of spirit. We acknowledge that each individual is unique and that the success of the community is inextricably tied to the success of the individual. 因此, it is imperative that each voice is heard and celebrated as we recognize the strength that stems from an 包容 environment. We honor the diversity defined by race, 种族, 文化, 社会经济地位, 性别认同与表达, 性, 能力, 家庭组成, 和宗教. Through these differences and similarities, 真正的关系形成了, and growth and self-discovery are fostered. Whether it is consciously embedded in our curriculum, 这是微妙社会结构的一部分, or participating in community partnerships, Oxbow students are encouraged to embody the essence of an artist – to be bold and honest, even in the face of adversity – we believe that, as a result of actively engaging in a vibrant community at Oxbow, our students are better prepared to be change-agents in the world at large.

The OxBook: Fall 2023 + Spring 2024

The 夏天 Art Institute OxBook: A Student + Parent Guide

Respect and Non-Discrimination Statement

牛轭学校 prohibits discrimination against any student or applicant because of race, color, 宗教, 性, 性别, 种族或民族出身, 性取向, 残疾, 或者其他类别. 牛轭学校 promotes respect for all people, and will not tolerate harassment.


Policy on 成人/学生交互. Oxbow takes the 安全 and comfort of its students seriously. 作为这一承诺的一部分, Oxbow requires its employees to comply with the following policy on employee interactions with students:

In order to best serve the well-being of the School’s students, the School requires all employees and other adults in the School’s community to maintain appropriate boundaries in their relationships with students to ensure that they avoid even the perception of inappropriate conduct. In doing so, all employees are expected to adhere to the following guidelines. 请注意, this code of conduct applies to employees’ conduct toward current students as well as any recent alum.

  • Employees should not “friend” or connect with students on social media, other than in groups necessary for job-related duties.
  • Employees should avoid telephone calls or text conversations with individual students unless necessary for student wellness, 安全, 对于一个班级来说, or other School-sponsored activity.
  • Emailing from an employee’s school account is always the preferred method when conversing with individual students.
  • Employees should avoid communications with others containing inappropriate information if there is likelihood the receiving party will share it with a student, 例如, sending content to a former student who is likely to share it with a current student.
  • Employees may not meet with individual students socially.
  • Employees may not have any unnecessary physical contact with a student in either a public or private situation.
  • Employees must respect a student’s rights not to be touched or looked at in ways that make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Employees must avoid sharing or inquiring about overly personal details about a student’s private relationships, or discussing the employee’s own personal troubles or intimate issues with a student.

Oxbow encourages parents or other members of the school community who have concerns about adults crossing appropriate boundaries with students to inform the Head of School or Chair of the Board of Trustees. The School will not retaliate against anyone who reports conduct that may violate this policy.

牛轭学校 – 2023 Adult/Student Interaction Policy

For questions, please contact the 皇冠平台登录 Office at admissions@interiery-louny.com